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Company Secretarial

Eligible to be Corporate Company Secretary of your Company to handle all company secretarial documents and matters.

Formation of HK Company

Tell us the company structure that you want and leave the rest to us!
We're here to help you: 
- preparing and filling in all forms and relevant documents for company registration
- preparing ONE Company Round Chop, ONE Signature Chop and Common Seal

- preparing a Greenbox

Key to Success
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Formation of Licence Corporation

The price quotation will be depended on what types of licence you would like to obtain!
We're here to help you with the documentation of the application and the Q&A.

Formation of Money Lender Company

According to our previous experience, the formation of Money Lender has a high successful rate! 
Feel free to have a quick chat with us to check your eligibility of your application and obtain our economic price quotation!

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SFC Licensing

Having difficulties in your licensing application? 
We're here to help you to deal with your application and to draft the reply on SFC's question(s). 
- Individual Application
- Removal of conditions

We shall have a quick chat before quoting our price to your case. 

Intellectual Property

We are here to help you deal with the application to apply for patent, copyright, trademark, to secure your design work for your business.

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Compliance issues (SFC)

Providing consultation on your firm's compliance issues on a daily/ regular basis


English to Chinese / Chinese to English

Feel free to send us the document(s) or message us for price quotation!



We're here to do the bookkeeping of all the financial transactions of your company for an economic price!

Feel free to contact us for free quotation!

*The price will depend on the volume of workloads

Due Diligence Report

When you need to purchase a property or a company, you'll need to conduct due diligence, we can help you to review information in an independent perspective and issue a due diligence report.

Feel free to contact us for free quotation!

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Corporate Governance

If you need an independent advice on your company's corporate governance culture, such as ESG report and Institutional Risk Assessment (IRA) in AML/CFT perspective.

Feel free to contact us for free price quotation!

Talk to us to learn more!

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Q & A

What kind of payments do we accept?

  • Bank Transfer (FPS ID 161314703)

  • PayMe (additional charges may be included)

Where can I find the bank details for the payment?

Our FPS ID is 161314703.

PayMe QR Code can be found in one of the post in SS's blog.

If you would like to pay by cheque, TT or other bank transfers, we will also provide our invoice with our bank details to you once we have come to an agreement or your acceptance of service.

Why we do not accept credit card?

We are highly concern on the privacy of your personal bank and/or credit card details. Therefore, we choose to go for the traditional common methods including bank transfer, cheque and PayMe.

Do we accept refund?

No, we do not accept any refund.

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